CreateSomething365 was a challenge I set for myself on the 22nd of August 2017. As you maybe can derive from the title already the challenge was to create *something everyday for 365 days.
This was my start back into the creative world. Since I finished my studies in 2013 I had been working as a developer and did very little creative work.
As I got tired of the daily routines I developed as a fully employed frontend developer the idea of this challenge came up to move me into a new direction.

It all started with this drawing:
The very first creation of the createsomething365 challenge.
From there on I did a bunch of stuff from vector graphics and writing over origami and electronic experiments to standard illustration.
Over time I got more and more drawn to the illustration projects and towards the end I drew 90% of the time. Here I started to find my stride and began to develop a style for myself.
I finished the challenge on the 21st of August 2018 with a 100 x 50cm black canvas full of illustrations representing the whole year.
The challenge was indeed challenging as fitting a creation into everyday while working full time as a developer, going on vacations, meeting friends, doing sports, etc. is not easy and required a fair amount of dedication from my side.
None the less it was a gratifying experience and one that set me on the path of quitting my day job as a developer and giving me the confidence to try myself as a freelance visual artist.
All artworks and creations from the challenge are on my instagram channel that I initially started for this project: 
(you just have to scroll aaaaall the way to the beginning.)
The final day with the final piece

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