Character Design: Goby Günther & Sad Goby
I had the pleasure to create two characters for the personal training company MPTL Grow.

The characters which are going to be used in a way like mascots are supposed to be Goby Fish.
The main character called "Goby Günther" a lively, happy fish.
And a second one with a more sad and worked off personality.
Goby Günther
I started the process with a few principal sketches to figure out in what direction the style of Goby Günther should go:
Initial sketches for "Goby Günther"
The sketches worked for the client so I could figure out the actual designing.

The final design is based on the initial sketch for the style and the MPTL Grow logo for the shape and the colors.

Here is the final design compared to the MPTL Grow logo: 
Sad Goby
After I got the OK for Goby Günther I started the design process on the Sad Goby. It should be recognisable as a similar character but with some distinct differences. Mainly color, face and posture.

I struggled with the posture a little bit because I new I needed to create a fish that is limp but often ended up with something that looked kind of "broken" and not like a living creature anymore. 
Super early sketches
But I found a good limp pose that still looked like an animal and finalised the design. For the color I chose a greyish purple to stay somewhat in the color range of Günther and I changed the mouth to give him a face that differs from Günthers.

Here is the final design of the Sad Goby: 

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