Logo and Business Cards
The Logo for my personal freelance work is mainly supposed to represent the style and feeling of my work.

In order to achieve this I decided on a sketched, black and white text logo with elements from the comic world.
The text is free flowing, with different stroke-widths and thicknesses within the font to represent the informal and personalised work I do.
The "B" in the logo represents my last name as well as a face in the common style that I draw in.

The B is also used as a reduced picture-only logo by rotating it 90 degrees and removing the remaining text.
Business Cards
As the value of a common business card is digressing drastically now that people can look you up instantly via their smartphones it was my goal to create business cards that stick out for people that have a real interest in working with me.

Therefor I decided on business cards printed on quality paper that can be individualised for potential customers.

Every business card has a front with very basic information about me and a back that has open space for an individual illustration created for the potential customer.
To explain further: If I talk to a dentist that needs a mural in her office and is interested in getting it realised by me. That is a "real" potential customer and therefor it makes sense to give her a business card. Now I take a few short minutes to create a small illustration of a widely smiling person showing all teeth to create something that will stay in the mind of that dentist because it is custom made for her.

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